Fun Ways to Say "I Love You" on Valentine's Day


The ol’ dinner-flowers-candy trio is so last Valentine’s Day. Hereare some fun ways to show someone how much you love them. Best of all, they don’t cost a fortune and they come from the heart. 

Remainder of the post:

Create a homemade coupon book—decorated with frilly hearts,
of course—with redeemable coupons for things like “one day without chores” or “a 10-minute massage.”

Write a really bad poem. We’re talking cheese. So cheesy and goofy that your sweetie can’t help but laugh out loud before framing it and displaying it above the fireplace. (Unless you’re actually a great poet. In which case, do that!)

Recreate your first date. Maybe you had Asian fusion tapas, and then shared your first kiss in the car before going to see a friend’s band play? With a little planning, you can relive the magic.

Feel like a challenge? Most indoor rock climbing gyms will let you pay for a single visit. Talk about an unforgettable date! Best of all, even beginners can participate, thanks to beginner walls and fall-proof safety harnesses.

If you’d rather stay in, plan a Rom-Com night. Pop some healthy popcorn, snuggle under a blanket, and laugh the night away. We suggest Love ActuallySay AnythingAbout a BoyWhen Harry Met Sally or 50 First Dates.

Spend a few hours daydreaming and planning, and then do something about it: start an adventure fund. Every time you throw a few dollars in that jar, you’ll be reminded of your upcoming romantic getaway.

Say it with sidewalk chalk. Scrawl a big “Happy Valentine’s Day” in front of your doorway. Even better, write your love note somewhere nearby, and “discover” it during a romantic stroll.

Make them a mix CD or a playlist full of songs you both love, romantic songs, songs from places you’ve traveled, and songs about your future together.

Make a funny video of yourself saying “I Love You” in different languagesHere’s a guide

If you insist on cooking, how about an all-red dinner? Make a tomato bruschetta appetizer; seared tuna, roasted beets, and garlic red potatoes for dinner; chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert. Don’t forget the red wine.

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