"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls." ~Joseph Campbell

Remainder of the post:

Have you noticed that when younger children are happy, they are REALLY happy? That happiness you see is actually bliss. 

Bliss is happiness kicked up a few notches and it can make you oblivious of everything else around you. So what is it about kids that makes bliss come so easily and how can we recapture some of what that is?

Kids dive into each experience fully. They are curious and wondrous. Kids are not (usually) serious about anything. Bliss can only take place when you are fully present in the moment. You are not thinking about your mistakes from the past or the obligations of the future. The full engagement and enjoyment of what is in front of you is when the most fun can be had.

Challenge yourself to channel your inner child. Visit a museum and explore, go to the park and play, try something new. Being childlike doesn't mean being childish. Let go a bit and allow yourself to experience bliss.

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