“For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ever see someone alone and smiling and wonder what they were so happy about? Even if you weren't born with a naturally sunny disposition, you can cultivate a cheerful demeanor, too. Here's how.

Remainder of the post:
  • Say something nice. Try to keep your compliments vs. criticisms tally leaning toward the positive. Express gratitude. Say hello. Give a compliment. Post about great service on social. It comes around. 
  • Live beyond compare. Try not to measure your real, complex, sometimes messy life against the parts of other people’s lives that you can see. Everyone has ups and downs.  
  • Be with the people you care about. Nurture your relationships and when you’re with those that you love, turn off your ringer. Be fully, totally, completely in the moment.  
  • Smile. Even if you’re not feeling it, the very act of pushing your face into a happy shape can make you feel better. Try it! 
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