Find a Place for Grace in Your Life


Find A Place For Grace In Your Life"Barn's burnt I can see the moon." ― Masahide

It's not easy to live without regret—wondering where the road you didn't choose might have led. Or wishing you hadn't eaten that entire sleeve of Girl Scout cookies. Grace is an interesting word—meaning both elegance and forgiveness. Somewhere in the middle is just finding the beauty in any moment.

Remainder of the post:

Live without compare. Try not to think about how you measure up to someone else, yourself a few years ago or the perfect self you think you should be. The only way to win is not to play. (Yes, we did just quote the computer in War Games.)

Let your best be good enough. Even if today's best isn't the same as yesterday's. You can get up and try again tomorrow.

Bring beauty into your life. Buy the flowers. Wear that color that makes you feel powerful. Give someone a compliment and warm in the glow of the smile you get back.


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