Make a Splash this Summer

Make A Splash This Summer"Laughter sparkles like a splash of water in sunlight." ― Joseph Lelyveld

This July, make a splash (literally and figuratively) on those around you by embracing everything about summer with zeal. 

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Find a Place for Grace in Your Life

Find A Place For Grace In Your Life"Barn's burnt I can see the moon." ― Masahide

It's not easy to live without regret—wondering where the road you didn't choose might have led. Or wishing you hadn't eaten that entire sleeve of Girl Scout cookies. Grace is an interesting word—meaning both elegance and forgiveness. Somewhere in the middle is just finding the beauty in any moment.

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How to Say, “I Think You Have Diabetes”

How to Say, “I Think You Have Diabetes”The holidays bring friends and family together, often after many months or years apart. Have you ever seen someone you know well and worried about their health? If you’ve been living with diabetes (or caring for someone who has it) for any amount of time, you already have a few important experiences under your belt. You’ve seen the pre-diagnosis symptoms, you’ve conquered the highs and lows, you’ve seen how diet and exercise can help. If you feel like you want to approach a friend or family member about their health -- if the issues they’re having seem all-too familiar to you -- here are some tips for starting that difficult conversation. 

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