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Smart Food Swaps: The Holiday Dessert Table

Smart Food Swaps: The Holiday Dessert TableWhile the turkey remains the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner, the dessert spread rules December. Our gift to you: here’s how to enjoy traditional holiday desserts without sending your blood sugar level off the charts. 

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How to Say, “I Think You Have Diabetes”

How to Say, “I Think You Have Diabetes”The holidays bring friends and family together, often after many months or years apart. Have you ever seen someone you know well and worried about their health? If you’ve been living with diabetes (or caring for someone who has it) for any amount of time, you already have a few important experiences under your belt. You’ve seen the pre-diagnosis symptoms, you’ve conquered the highs and lows, you’ve seen how diet and exercise can help. If you feel like you want to approach a friend or family member about their health -- if the issues they’re having seem all-too familiar to you -- here are some tips for starting that difficult conversation. 

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A Guide to Drama-Free Holidays

A Guide to Drama-Free HolidaysThe holidays can be wonderful, but they can also be overwhelming thanks to packed-out schedules, gift shopping, food, food, and more food. We hope these reminders will help you sail through the end of the year while still enjoying all fun of the season.

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Diabetes Gift Ideas for Children

Diabetes Gift Ideas for ChildrenSome of the diabetes gift ideas we rounded up for adults can be modified for children or teens. Here are a few other ideas to get you started. 

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Diabetes Gift Ideas

Diabetes Gift IdeasDiabetes doesn’t take a break, even for the holidays. We’ve rounded up some gift ideas that can make someone’s life with diabetes a bit easier. 

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Frostbite Happens Quicker than You Think

Frostbite Happens Quicker Than You ThinkIt’s cold outside, but that shouldn’t stop you or your children from getting fresh air and exercise. Before you do, though, check the temperature and decide how long you want to be out in the cold.

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Taking Diabetes Out: Winter Adventures

Taking Diabetes Out: Winter activitiesHaving fun in the winter sun is a great way to get exercise. Just like any other activity, you’ll need to monitor your blood sugar levels and treat highs or lows as needed. Here’s what to expect on your icy adventures. 

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