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Keep Your Gear Cool This Summer

Keep your gear cool this summerWhether you’re on vacation at the beach or just hanging out in the park for a day, it’s important to keep your medicine, testing supplies and insulin pumps dry and cool.

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Summer Health: Protection from Hair to Toe

summer health: protection from hair to toeSummer’s heat and humidity can put extra stress on your body, inside and out. With diabetes, extra precaution is needed. Here’s how to take care of your hair, eyes, nails and feet from harmful exposure to the summer sun.

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Summer Health: Skin Care

Summer Health Skin CareWe’re harder on our skin in the summer than any other season. Sun damage, bug bites, scratches—our skin needs extra TLC this time of year. While anyone can develop dry, itchy skin or bacterial and fungal infections, these conditions develop more frequently in people with diabetes. Here’s how to keep your skin healthy this summer.

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Overheating: Warning Signs and Treatment

overheating: warning signs and treatmentWhen blood sugar levels are out of whack, our bodies can have a harder time regulating their temperatures. Throw in the hot summer sun, and overheating (hyperthermia) can be a real concern. Here’s how to recognize the symptoms and cool down quick.

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How to Have the Perfect Summer BBQ

How to Have The Perfect Summer BBQOne of the best things about summer is the chance to have outdoor parties. Whether in your back yard, in the park or tailgating at the game, cooking and eating outside is always a treat. It may be tempting to overindulge in food and drink, but if you stock up on enough diabetes-friendly options you’ll have the perfect summer cookout.

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Remedies for Common Summer Ailments

remedies for common summer ailmentsDon’t let summer buzz-kills ruin your day. Check out these easy-to-use remedies for bites, scrapes, burns, stings and more, and have a healthy summer.

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12 Fun Party Snacks and Appetizers

12 fun party snacks and appetizersYou’ve invited a bunch of people over, and now you need to feed them. Before you start whipping up the usual party fare, which isn’t always diabetes-friendly, why not just make the entire food table one big, healthy buffet? These 12 snacks and hors d’oeuvres will be a hit with everyone, whether they have diabetes or not.

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