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Eating BBQ with D in Mind

Eating BBQ with DiabetesThe Memorial Day holiday heralds in the official start of BBQ Season. And while we say, “Yum!” to that, we were a little less-than-excited to learn that an average barbeque meal can have over 1600 calories and 170 grams of carbohydrates! For those of us watching what we eat, 1600 calories in one meal is excessive. But, just because you’re living with diabetes, you don’t have to miss out on the fun, just watch out for some of the food traps and take in more of the good stuff! 

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10 Ways To Treat Yourself Like A Million Bucks—For A Whole Lot Less

10 Ways to Treat YourselfIt’s not a very well known holiday, but one we can get behind nonetheless. Today is Be a Millionaire Day. If only we could snap our fingers and experience financial freedom (sigh). For those of you who didn’t buy the winning lotto ticket today, here are 10 ways you can treat yourself like a million bucks—for less than 20! 

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Thrive: Compassion

Thrive: CompassionIt may seem counterintuitive, but doing things for others actually energizes us! But, as we’ve all heard, before we can give to others, we must take care of ourselves. So you may be asking, “Hey if I’m supposed to make time for myself, and take care of others, whoa—how can I do it all?”

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Hit the Road

Hit the Road. May is National Bike MonthMay is National Bike Month

Pushing those pedals round and round is a great way to get a little fresh air and exercise.

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May is the Month to Thrive

May is the Month to ThrivePhilosophers, psychologists and poets have written much on the subject of living a life in which one doesn’t merely survive—but thrives.

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Separating Good Information From Bad

You Are In Good HandsBeer contains antifreeze. Eelskin wallets demagnetize credit cards. You can cook an egg between two cell phones. The internet is awash with bad information—and much of it isn't as obviously false as the examples above (which are all completely untrue, by the way).

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The Sometimes Surprising World Of Diabetes

The sometimes surprising World of DiabetesWe often see news about stem-cell research or new rodent-based discoveries—but lately other news has been catching our attention. Because advances and updates in diabetes aren't always about meters and DNA, here are a few tidbits that might interest you.

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