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Talking About Diabetes at School

talking about diabetes at schoolWhether your child is starting school for the first time or attending a new school, they’ll have to handle the inevitable questions about diabetes. Their age will determine how complex this conversation will be, but here are some painless guidelines your child can use when explaining their life with diabetes to their new friends at school. 

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What’s Your School Emergency Plan?

What's your school emergency planThe to-do list for sending your child back to school is long but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Parents, you’re doing a great job accounting for every possible situation your child may encounter during the school day! If something does go wrong, however, here’s how to nail down an emergency plan. (Inhale…exhale.)

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Talking to Your Child’s Coach

Talking to your child's coachOrganized sports are often an important part of the school year, and for good reason. It’s an excellent way to exercise, it’s fun and it teaches cooperation and confidence—skills that your child can use for the rest of their life. Their coaches are an important member of their team of caretakers at school, so here’s what every coach needs to know about your child’s life with diabetes.

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Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Healthy Lunchbox IdeasOne of the biggest items on your back-to-school to-do list: planning lunch. It’s easy to fall into a rut, but with these healthy lunchbox ideas your child will enjoy a yummy, nutritious lunch every day.

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Keeping Field Trips Safe

Keeping Field Trips SafeField trips are the best! The bus ride, the brown-paper-bag lunch, not sitting in a classroom for a day…what’s not to love? Since your child will be on the road for several hours, they’ll have to bring their entire diabetes kit with them—meters, test strips, syringes, sharps container, medicine, insulin, insulin pump and supplies, snacks, water…absolutely everything they may need.

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Rethinking School Birthday Parties

Rethinking school birthday partiesWe know it’s frustrating: no matter how carefully you plan your child’s day at school, they’re probably going to be faced with an unexpected snack, especially if your school allows full-blown birthday parties in the classroom. Here’s how to get the birthday party craze in hand, so that everyone has a healthy, good time.

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What’s Happening at the AADE Conference

From August 6-9, the American Association of Diabetes Educators  conference is being held in Orlando, Florida. The keynote speakers for each day will focus on the future of diabetes care: healthcare reform, self-management education, how DEs will be leaders in their field in the 21st century, and healthier partnerships between patients and clinicians.

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